Career Center

CSU-Global is committed to your professional success, which is why we offer Career Services - a free, one stop shop for your employment needs. Here you can find guidance on the job search process, marketing skills, and education that will lead to a more successful career path via your resume, cover letter, job applications and networking. 

You can locate this service on the main page of your Student Portal by clicking on the Career Center tab located on the left hand side of your screen.  

We offer the following services:

  • The Job Search: The first step is determining what types of jobs meet your career goals as well as match your skills and experience.  From here, you can search for jobs, internships, learn how to develop networking skills and become more organized with the job search process
  • Get Organized:  This section offers you the opportunity to build the most effective resume and cover letter (these documents are your first impression with the prospective employer) as well as request a Faculty Recommendation.  You can utilize the free Resume Review service, where a trained resume reviewer will look over  your resume and cover letter.  There are even program-specific resume templates available here!
  •  Interview Prep: This section is dedicated to providing you information on how to prep for an interview, how to conduct yourself in an interview, and how to follow up once the interview is complete
  • Job Success: This section is designed to help you as you transition into a new position by providing tips on attitude, performance, adapting to organizational culture, and more 
  • Work-Life Balance: This section is designed to provide strategies/resources to help you manage stress in a way that your performance and health are boosted
  • Military Transitions: Learn how to transition from your military career to professional success. This section reviews ways that you can utilize your unique skill set and also provides job search tools that are military and veteran specific
  • Videos: Watch a handful of Career relevant videos created by CSU-Global instructors and field experts
  • Students with Disabilities: Here, you can access a variety of employment resources as well as information about disclosing a disability in the workplace and receiving accommodations. Under this section, you will also find links to disability laws & rights and information about internships
  • Enlightening Talks: CSU-Global hosts a monthly series of industry experts, presenting on various insights they've gleaned from working in their respective fields
  • Career Coaching: Career Coaches are CSU-Global Faculty who are experts in their field and provide services designed to empower you to choose the best career path.  You can schedule a free 50 minute phone conversation and gain valuable knowledge to help assist you in your educational and professional paths for a specific career