CSU-Global Mentor Program

CSU-Global Mentor Program

The CSU-Global Mentor Program facilitates traditional mentoring relationships between student/alumni mentees and an alumni mentor. In this program the mentor and mentee will have continuous interactions and meetings over the course of 6 months. The purpose of this program is to gain knowledge and career or personal development through a learning relationship between a student/alumni mentee and an experienced CSU-Global alumni mentor. 

When matching with a mentee/mentor be cognizant of why you are choosing them. You have the ability to search the directory for a mentor based on criteria that you set. Make sure that you are requesting and/or accepting mentor/mentee requests that will be beneficial for both the mentee and mentor.   

 Frequently Asked Questions:

 Can I participate in more than one type of mentor program?

  • Yes

 Can I have more than one mentee/mentor?

  • Yes

 Can alumni be a mentor and also have a mentor?

  • Yes

 Can students be a mentor?

  • No

 Where do I meet with my mentee/mentor?

  • How, when, and where you meet is up to the mentee and mentor to decide. You can meet virtually, in person, or a mix of both 

 How many times will I meet with my mentee/mentor?

  • It is recommended that you meet a minimum of two times per month during a six-month period

  • If you are looking for a mentee/mentor that you will meet less regularly, consider participating in Flash Mentor Program 

 Can I continue to meet with my mentee/mentor from the CSU-Global Mentor Program after the initial 6 months?

  • If the mentor and mentee mutually decide to continue meeting, they can. This is not expected or required

 What if I don’t want to meet with my mentor or mentee for 6 months?

  • If you are looking for a mentee/mentor that you will meet less regularly, consider participating in Flash Mentor Program 

 What do I do if I need to disconnect from my mentor or mentee for various reasons?

  • You can disconnect within the CSU-Global Alumni Network

  • If there is a serious issue that needs to be brought to CSU-Global’s attention, please email alumni@csuglobal.edu.


Other questions?

Please contact the Alumni Association at alumni@csuglobal.edu if you have any other questions or would like more information about the program