Finding and Requesting a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

  1. Sign in at (click here for details on how to register).
  2. Click on "Directory". 
  3. Under “Refine your search”,  select “Willing to be a mentor box” and then select the mentor program you want to find a mentor for:

Note: The Dinner With Alumni Program is a group program. After we have a list of alumni that are hosting a dinner, we will provide students a link to review the list and register for a dinner. Sign-up for this program will not take place within the platform. Please do not try to find a mentor for this program on your own.

  1. We recommend you refine your search further by looking for mentors based on location, degree or certificate, company and/or industry.
  2. After you refine your search click on user’s names to review their profile before you request them to be your mentor.

Requesting a Mentor

  1. After following the steps above, click on the user's name.

  1. Next, click "request mentorship"

  1. A message box will pop up - compose your message to your potential mentor and be sure to include why you want them to mentor you.  Some mentors may be willing to help in multiple programs, so it’s important that you tell them which mentor program you are requesting them for.  See the following article for tips on composing a message to request mentorship: Tips for Composing Mentorship Requests.
  2. Click "Send".

  1. A confirmation box will pop-up showing that your message sent.