How can I use Turnitin before submitting an assignment?

On the left hand side of your Schoology page, there is a link to the Turnitin app.  Turnitin is used to check similarity scores between your assignment and existing sources (such as articles, journals, web pages, or other papers submitted to Turninit).  Assignments must have a similarity score of 30% or less with no more than 20% of the paper being quoted material.  See our Student Rights Policies for more information on our plagiarism policy. 

You can check your similarity score before submitting an assignment with the Turnitin app in Schoology.  Clicklick on Turnitin on the left side of the Schoology page.  The first time you click this link it may ask permission to access the link.  Click accept.  Once you have accepted you shouldn't have to give permission again.

After you accept permission you can click Check Your Assignment.  This will allow you to choose an assignment to check.  Once you have chosen the assignment click on Check Your Assignment. This will give you a similarity score as well as generate a report that shows where Turnitin found each instance of similar phrasing or quotes.

You can check your assignment as many times as needed to make sure your similarity score is in an acceptable range before submitting to the instructor.

Click here for a quick video on how to use the Turnitin originality reports.