How do I register for a PLA?

First you will want to review the courses in your program to determine if you meet all the necessary requirements.  See Do I qualify to take a PLA? for information on what those are.

If you do qualify to take one or more PLAs, you will want to reach out to your student advisor so they can upload the PLA Application Form into your student portal documents. This will be in the My Documents section of the portal.  You will need to upload a resume/CV at the same time, so have that prepared.

Once you have submitted you application and supporting documents, you will be notified within 3-5 business days if you have been accepted into the program.  At this point you will be registered for the PLA Orientation. Once you have completed the PLA Orientation, please email for access to the PLA Support Center. From there you will have access to submit your portfolio project.

When you are ready, you will complete a PLA Portfolio Submission Form (also found in the PLA Support Center) and pay the PLA fee.  You will get your results within a few weeks.