How do I upload an assignment?

Before submitting an assignment, please consider running in through Turnitin so that you can be sure that your similarity score is within the appropriate range. 

To submit an assignment, click on Materials located on the left-hand side of the portal, followed by the corresponding module for the week.  Here you will want to select the assignment you are looking to upload. (i.e.. Module 2: Critical Thinking). This will lead you to the assignment page.  On the right hand side there will be a gray link that says Submit Assignment. Click here.

You can also submit assignments by accessing your Grades tab. Clicking on the assignment you are looking to submit will provide a link to Submit Assignment.

This will bring up a pop up, that has Upload, Create, Resources.  On the Upload tab, you can click on the picture that says File when you hover over it.  This will allow you to select your assignment from your computer.  Once you have selected the assignment and added any comments you want to send to the instructor, click Submit. You have submitted the assignment for review. 

You can confirm that an assignment has been submitted from your course grade book when you see a blue sheet of paper next to the assignment.