Mentor Program - Registration Instructions for Alumni

Mentor Program - Registration Instructions for Alumni

  • Start by going to
  • Under "Join Now" select how you would like to join
    • Option 1: Using your LinkedIn Account
    • Option 2: Using your Facebook Account
    • Option 3: Using your Email Address

Creating your Account Using LinkedIn

  1. Click the "LinkedIn Button" (shown in picture above)
  2. Enter your LinkedIn username and password
  3. Click "Allow Access"

  1. Complete your profile information
  2. Click "Continue"

Creating your Account using Facebook
  1. Click on the "Facebook" button
  2. Enter your Facebook Username and Password
  3. Click "Log In"

  1. Complete your profile information
  2. Click "Continue"

Creating an Account using your Email Address

  1. Click on "Email"
  2. Complete your profile information
    • Uploading a photo is optional, but recommended
  3. Click Continue

Mentor Program Registration

  1. After creating your account, you will be asked additional questions about the areas in which you would like to help
  2. Check willing to help boxes if you would like to help both alumni and students in areas other than, or in addition to, mentoring
  3. To participate as a mentor in one or multiple mentor programs, check the box next to "willing to be a mentor"
  4. Check the box or boxes for the mentor program(s) you want to participate in
  5. Click "Get Started"

Please note: The system automatically defaults to checking all boxes. Make sure you only have the boxes checked for ways in which you are willing and able to help. You can change your preferences after you login to your account by going to "Update Profile"

Account Approval Process
  1. After you complete your registration, you will receive an email letting you know that your application to join the CSU-Global Alumni Network is being reviewed
    • Check your email within the next 3 business days for approval to join the network

  1. After you receive the approval email, you can now access the network. Please click “visit site” from the email or go to and login using the credentials from registration

  1. If you have problems logging on or remembering your credentials, please email
  2. If you receive an email indicating that your account was not approved, please contact Your account may have been declined because you entered information that didn't match the records we have (ex. Name change, nickname) or you are an active student and made an alumni account