SAP Probation (Advisors)

Students will be placed on SAP Probation if they fail to meet the minimum SAP standards after the SAP Warning trimester. SAP Probation status is noted on the transcript until the student returns to Good Academic Standing. 

Students will receive notification of SAP Probation status from the Registrar's Office via email. In addition, the student will have a SAP Probation Hold and a SAP termination hold placed onto their account. Please note, the SAP termination hold is a Financial Aid hold and will be taken off the student's account if they are approved to continue receiving Financial Aid. 

After the student's account is placed on SAP Probation the student advisor will also receive a SAP Probation notification activity in CVue. Student Advisors are required to contact the student immediately via phone to discuss the SAP Probation process [refer to the probation email for the due date of the appeal form and documentation, a conversation about what qualifies as supporting documentation (for Financial Aid appeal), our timeline for review, and other payment options available].

All students that are placed on Academic Probation must submit an Academic SAP Appeal form and supporting documentation in order to continue taking courses during the Probation period. If a student moves into SAP Probation while they are currently enrolled in a course (ie, after a trimester with only a week break) then the student will be required to submit their probation for and supporting documentation by 10:00 am on the Friday of week 1. All documents should be uploaded back into the student portal for review. If a student is having difficulty uploading forms then they are able to send it directly to their student advisor. The advisor will then forward that paperwork to  

The SAP Probation Appeal form and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the Appeal's Committee, comprised of the following departments: Student Success (Manager), Student Advising, Financial Aid (Supervisor), Registrar, Student Accounts, and a Curriculum and Assessment Director. The appeals committee typically meets every other Wednesday-the exception to this is during the first week of the "A" and "B" terms, when they meet on the Friday of week one and on the drop day for the term.   

The student's academic progress during the warning period and any supporting documentation will be reviewed by the committee who will come to one of three possible outcomes:

  • Approved Academically; Approved to continue receiving Financial Aid-Financial aid students in Academic Probation status ARE NOT eligible for Title IV funds unless a student appeal has been approved by the institution. The University will only approve a financial aid appeal if it determines that the student had an extenuating circumstance that occurred and prevented the student from successfully completing the coursework 
  • Approved Academically; Denied Financial Aid
  • Denied Academically; Denied for Financial Aid- we will suggest that these students attempt to earn credit elsewhere

Please note, SAP Probation appeals will not be considered by the committee if:

  • Supporting documentation was not included
  • The student has a past due balance on their account
  • The student is missing official transcripts - this is especially important for anyone returning to CSU-Global after going to a different school

If the student is approved academically (and agrees to continue with classes) then they will be issued an Academic Plan (aka SAP Contract) that will detail what must be completed in order to get back into Good Academic Standing. This contract will be for either one or two whole trimesters. The contract is meant to help the student avoid SAP Suspension. The contract will be completely filled out by the Office of Student Affairs and emailed to the student immediately following the committee's decision. The student must sign the contract and upload it back to their student portal. Once the contract is received and approved, the student will be registered by Student Affairs for their courses. 

Students run the risk of going into SAP Suspension status if they break their contract in any way. Students who wish to adjust their contract must work directly with Student Affairs prior to the start of the term. The student will need to sign and submit a new contract after revisions are made. 

If a student meets the requirements outlined in the SAP contract then they will return to Good Academic Standing. If a student cannot meet the required standards outlined in the SAP contract then they will be placed on Academic Suspension.

Students on SAP Probation who have not registered and completed coursework within twelve months will be administratively withdrawn.