Should I take ORG579 or ORG581?

What are the differences between ORG579 and ORG581?

ORG579: Allows you to develop a reflective Capstone Project in which you demonstrate how the program has affected your current practice of leadership and how you intend to keep developing your leadership skills in the future. Each week of this course focuses on a specific aspect of your program learning outcomes. You will analyze case studies that directly relate to program outcomes, demonstrating skills needed to be an effective organizational leader in today's global workplace. There is no textbook requirement for this course as all required reading material is provided.

ORG581: You will identify a real-world problem within a specific organization and investigate options to solve the problem using factual, standardized, secondary research methodology.  Or, you may choose to identify a real-world opportunity, such as the feasibility of a new business venture to determine the risks and potential for success. Although framed around a practical, self-selected business problem or opportunity, the broader emphasis is on research methodology, framing the problem or opportunity, and analyzing and interpreting information for a decision-maker. The output will be a structured, five-section report similar to a traditional thesis. There will be strict compliance with CSU-Global writing and APA standards. All required reading material is the responsibility of the student and includes two research-based textbooks as well as the current edition of the APA Manual.

In other words, ORG579 focuses on a practical approach to workplace leadership while ORG581 hones your research ability for future career success, entrepreneurial ventures or doctoral studies.

When will I choose between ORG579 and ORG581?

You will choose your course track for the Graduate level Management program when you first enroll with CSU-Global. If you choose the Practitioner Track, then you will complete ORG579 as your final major course. If you choose the Research Track, then you will take ORG581 as your final major course instead.