Book Allowance Vouchers

Book Allowance Vouchers

CSU-Global offers students using financial aid the ability to charge their textbooks to their account in advance of their classes and disbursement of their financial aid, rather than having to purchase books out of pocket.  This option is called a Book Allowance or a Book Voucher. To clarify, this allowance is not a separate pool of money, rather, this is a service which allows you to charge your books to your school account, and then those charges get paid (along with your tuition and fees) when your financial aid comes in.   The book allowance is not an additional award of aid; it is the opportunity to use your existing financial aid award to purchase books. 

To be eligible you must be  registered and have accepted financial aid for the term.

The Student Accounts department sends out book allowances to all students who qualify beginning 10 days before the start of the term.  If you don't qualify when the first batch is sent, another batch will be sent the Friday before the first day of classes.  

If you qualify you will receive an email from which includes a code you can use at check out.  This email will include the amount you are eligible to spend (based on the number of credits you're enrolled for) as well as an expiration date. 

Book vouchers can only be used in the CSU-Global bookstore.  There are some items that are required materials for certain classes which cannot be purchased in the bookstore and thus cannot be covered with the allowance.  

***If you need more than the amount pre-approved for you to spend you will need to email financialaid@csuglobal.ed with the specific cost of the materials needed and the class they are for.

If you charge items in the bookstore and later drop your classes or your financial aid does not pay to your account, the items you charged will become a cash balance due to CSU-Global.

Please contact your success counselor if you have additional questions about using your allowance.

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