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CSU Global is committed to your professional success and we offer job and career services through our Career Center, Global Connect. This includes no-cost resources for your employment needs such as guidance on the job search process, interviewing skills, and education that will lead to a more successful career path via your resume, cover letter, job applications, and networking. 

You can locate this service on the left side of your Student Portal by clicking on "Career Center". Once in Connect, use the top navigation menu to access the following services:

  • Career Exploration: Utilize skills assessments, explore careers and majors, and learn about industry trends and career pathways from industry experts through the Career Success Webinar Series. 

  • Career Coaching: Schedule a 50-minute, one-on-one conversation with a university career coach who can help you plan the best path for your career utilizing your education and experience. Our career coaches are CSU Global instructors and experts in their field. They can help you collect career and job market information, choose a career that works best for your interests and personal circumstances, target your job search, make educational and professional decisions, and formulate a plan to help meet your goals.

  • Resume Help: Submit your resume and cover letter for review and receive guidance for building a resume that gets results and will pass through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) scrutiny. Our resume reviewers are thoroughly trained by a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

  • Interview Preparation: Access interview tips, common interview questions, and questions to ask during an interview. You can also schedule a 50-minute mock interview with an interview expert. 

  • Networking: View tips for building a professional LinkedIn profile, understand networking tips and strategies, and learn how to expand your network. 

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