Denver Public Schools - Teacher Development Program

What is it?

CSU-Global's partnership with Denver Public Schools (DPS) allows DPS employed teachers to take graduate courses in math and English. This helps support the credentialing of DPS teachers who teach dual enrollment courses. 

How to get started.

Interested DPS teachers should complete and submit the DPS Teacher Development Program application via the CSU-Global website. 

Program Tracks

Students in this program will be enrolled as non-degree seeking (NDS) students and will take the courses corresponding to one of the following tracks:

  • Math Tracks (all courses are 3 credit hours)
    • MTH525: Discrete Mathematics
    • MTH530: Foundation and Applications of Analysis I
    • MTH531: Foundation and Applications of Analysis II
    • MTH540: Higher Geometry
    • MTH545: Mathematical Modeling
    • MTH556: Advanced Probability and Statistics
  • English Track (all courses are 3 credit hours)
    • ENG501: Studies and Composition Studies in Pedagogy
    • ENG510: Literary Criticism Theory
    • ENG515: History and Theory of Rhetoric
    • ENG520: Advanced Studies in World Literature
    • ENG525: British Romantic Literature
    • ENG532: American Literature WWI to Present

If a student is interested in entering the CSU-Global Master of Science in Teaching and Learning may not apply to do so until their Math or English courses are completed.  These students may be eligible for an affiliate discount