Denver Public Schools (DPS) - Teacher Development Program

Denver Public Schools - Teacher Professional Development

Purpose: CSU-Global and DPS to create and establish professional development opportunities for DPS teachers. CSU-Global will offer graduate courses in Math and English to support the credentialing of DPS teachers who teach dual enrollment course. 

Memorandum of Understanding

Program Points of Contact:

  • Erica Ryan (DPS - Concurrent Enrollment Liason)
  • Stan Khrapak (CSU-GC -Special Accounts Manager)
  • Brandon Fletcher (CSU-GC Associate Registrar)
  • Susan Nagy (Student Success Counselor)

C-Vue Fields:

  • Lead Source: DPS Teacher Development
  • Program: NDS – Non-Degree Seeking
  • Program Version: NDS – Non-Degree Seeking (Graduate)
  • Admit Decision: NDS
  • Financing Option: Third Party Payment
  • Adm. Rep: Chad Johnson
  • Billing Method: DPS Teachers – Graduate Level
    • $375/credit hour - $1125 per class
  • Student Advisor: Chad Johnson
  • Tuition Planner: Lindsay Fero

Program Tracks

  • Math Tracks (all courses are 3 credit hours)
    • MTH525: Discrete Mathematics
    • MTH530: Foundation and Applications of Analysis I
    • MTH531: Foundation and Applications of Analysis II
    • MTH540: Higher Geometry
    • MTH545: Mathematical Modeling
    • MTH556: Advanced Probability and Statistics
  • English Track (all courses are 3 credit hours)
    • ENG501: Studies and Composition Studies in Pedagogy
    • ENG510: Literary Criticism Theory
    • ENG515: History and Theory of Rhetoric
    • ENG520: Advanced Studies in World Literature
    • ENG525: British Romantic Literature
    • ENG532: American Literature WWI to Present


  1. CSU-Global will provide training to DPS in order to assist conversations with potential students (teachers) about CSU-Global, the Math and English coursework, etc.
  2. DPS will identify at least 10 interested and qualified teachers for both the English and Math cohorts, and have them fill out the relevant application documents for DPS to submit to CSU-Global
  3. CSU-Global will have a DPS designated Student Advisor who will reach out to the student to guide them through the registration process and help prepare them for courses.
  4. CSU-Global will request the student fill out a FERPA release so DPS has access to the student’s academic information
  5. The student will receive an admissions decision based on the above admissions requirements and an official letter of admission will be emailed to the student and to DPS (if FERPA release is on file)
  6. CSU-Global will be responsible for preparing the student for their courses, and servicing the student through its full-service Student Advising department.
  7. CSU-Global will directly bill DPS for the courses at the negotiated tuition rate of $375 per graduate credit hour, $1125 per course. Payment of DPS’ portion is due upon receipt of invoice from CSU-Global.
    • Send invoice to Kim Poast with DPS and CC Pamela Toney
    • Provide CSU-Global student accounts with a breakdown of how much each student is going to receive from the DPS contribution so they can send an invoice to students for what the remaining balance will be
    • Student is responsible for payment of remaining balance beyond what DPS is covering
  8. CSU-Global will provide DPS with access to the Vendor Portal containing information per student on active status and payment if FERPA release is on file.
  9. CSU-Global will provide students with transcribed credit for courses. Students interested in transferring credits to another university should ensure that university will accept the transfer credit, as each institution determines transferability. Students interested in entering the CSU-Global Master of Science in Teaching and Learning may not apply to do so until their Math or English courses are completed. They will not be eligible for the DPS special tuition rate but may be eligible for affiliate discounts.