Dual Enrollment Course Offerings

Below are the courses offered for Dual Enrollment (high school) students to take, approved as of Fall 2018:

  • SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
  • POL101 Introduction to Political Science
  • HST201 U.S. History I
  • HST202 U.S. History II
  • HUM101 Critical Reasoning
  • MTH109 Mathematical Explorations
  • MTH122 College Algebra
  • ENG101 Composition I
  • ENG102 Composition II
  • ENG130 Introduction to Literature
  • BIO121 Environmental Conservation
  • BIO121L Environmental Conservation Lab
  • CHE101 Introduction to Chemistry with Lab
  • PHY101 Introductory Physics with Lab (Algebra based)

Students must meet course-specific requirements as well to be eligible to take classes. See Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirements for more information.