General Education Requirements

The General Education Program at CSU-Global provides undergraduate students with the necessary curriculum for state general education requirements in writing and communications, mathematics, arts and humanities, history, social and behavioral sciences, and natural and physical sciences.  

Undergraduate General Education Requirements (minimum of 31 credits total):

Note: These requirements are based on the Winter, 2018 academic catalog.  If you started your program prior to Winter, 2018, please refer to a previous academic catalog to confirm general education requirements. 

Also note: Some programs have general education courses that they recommend over others. You can see your recommended courses in your student portal by clicking on "Degree Progress Details"

General Education Requirements CSU-Global Offerings

Written Communications (6 credits)

ENG101, ENG102, and COM300

Mathematics (3 credits)

MTH109, MTH122, MTH156, MTH166, MTH201, MTH350, MTH410
     Arts & Humanities/History/Social & Behavioral Sciences (15 credits total)                     

Arts & Humanities (6 credits)

ENG130 and HUM101

Social & Behavioral Sciences (3-6 credits)

 ECN210, ECN215, POL101, PSY235,

SOC101, SOC300, SOC310

History (3 credits)

HST201, HST202, HST300, HLS350
     Natural & Physical Sciences (7 credits total)

Courses with required laboratory (4 credits)                 

BIO121 + BIO121L, BIO200, BIO202, BIO204
CHE101, GEO101C, PHY101

Lecture Course, no required lab (3 credits)

BIO121, BIO201, BIO216

HPR108* (1 credit)