How do I access tutoring?

Smarthinking tutoring services can be accessed in the Student Portal or through Canvas. 

To access through the Student Portal:

  1. Log in to the Student Portal.
  2. Select the Smarthinking link on the left-hand side of the screen.

To access through Canvas:

  1. Log into the Student Portal and click on your current course or click on the Canvas link on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Next, click the Smarthinking link on the left side of the Canvas course page:
  3. A new window will open and you will be taken to a page that looks like this: 
  4. Choose the "Click here to continue" button to access Smarthinking
  5. If you are accessing Smarthinking for the first time, make sure you set up your profile by following the instructions here
  6. Once signed in, you'll see the following screen: 
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