How much is tuition?

As a highly-respected, public, not-for-profit state university, we provide a tremendous value for our degrees and programs.  

We have a low tuition rate that is the same regardless of where students live; a Tuition Guarantee that locks a student's tuition rate (ensuring their rate does not go up even if we ever increase our tuition, provided they remain active students in good standing); and no fees!  Additionally, as of December 2021, this is the 10th year in a row we have not raised tuition.  current tuition rates are as follows:

  • Undergraduate Programs: $350 per credit hour or $1,050 for a three credit hour class
  • Graduate Programs: $500 per credit hour or $1,500 for a three credit hour class

Please note: Your tuition rate may be different depending on when you enrolled with CSU Global. Please see your ledger card in your student Portal to confirm your locked-in tuition rate (in the portal, click on the My Account and Financial Aid tab > View Account Details).