How to make a tuition payment

How to make a tuition payment

You have a two options for making tuition payments towards your account balance, see below:

Through your Student Portal:

- Click on the My Account Balance and Financial Aid tab, then click the 'Pay My Tuition' button. You will then be taken to the CashNet payment portal.

- Once you are in the CashNet payment portal, click on 'Pay'.

- This will bring you to the Your Charges screen.
- After clicking on the 'Checkout' button you will be asked to pay via credit card or EFT.
- Full or partial payments can be made using a credit card or EFT. 
- If you have gone past due on your account and would like to set up a payment plan, you can do this from this screen as well. Look for the specific term's payment plan option under 'Past Due Payment Plans'.  

Mail in a check to:

Colorado State University Global 

585 Salida Way

Aurora, CO 80011

Effective March 2019 Student Accounts can no longer accept payments over the phone.