Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking (NDS) status is designed for students who wish to complete a Certificate of Completion, those who do not intend to become degree seeking, or those who do not currently meet degree-seeking status requirements. If you are an NDS student then you are not eligible for financial aid and are subject to the same institutional requirements as degree-seeking students.

 If you are taking courses as an NDS student, you may later apply for a degree program if you meet the minimum requirements for admission

Your application for degree-seeking status will only be accepted for the next available term after the admissions criteria has been met. This means that you'll need to take some time off of school (at least a month) while we transfer you into a degree program. Please also remember, if you have just completed your last NDS course, your application to become degree seeking cannot be processed until final grades are received (approximately 8 days after the end of the term).