Retroactive Withdrawal (Advisor)

You may request that all grades in previous terms be retroactively removed and replaced by entries of "W" (for withdrawal) grades on your transcript if you have experienced, during that term, unexpected health and/or personal problems so severe that you could not reasonably have been expected to complete the term satisfactorily. A retroactive withdrawal is not allowed if you have already earned a degree from CSU-Global and the term being requested is prior to the degree conferral. An approved retroactive withdrawal will have no impact on any financial balance owed to the university.

The requests must be submitted with supporting documentation through the Document Center of the student portal within 30 days of the end of the term. Once received, these requests will be reviewed after the end of the term by the Student Appeals committee who will make a decision for approval or denial of the request.

Appropriate supporting documentation should include: direct information from a professional who can attest to the claim of illness or legal issues and speak clearly to the difficulty you encountered during the term from which the withdrawal is being requested. Dates should be included on this documentation as necessary.

The retroactive withdrawal option is not intended for students who miss the course withdrawal deadline. You should contact your advisor for more information regarding Late and Incomplete policies in this instance. Retroactive withdrawal applies to every course for a particular term and cannot apply to selective courses within a term. 

Please contact your advisor to see if a retroactive withdrawal is applicable to your situation.