Smarthinking Tutoring

The student portal is home to several quick links you can utilize to support your academic goals throughout your CSU Global journey. One of those resources is our tutoring service through Smarthinking. You can quickly access tutoring via the Smarthinking Tutoring link on the left hand side of your portal homepage. 

The tutoring center offers learners a variety of options to meet their needs with help in subject areas including business; computers and technology; math; science; writing and APA; and career and interviewing. 

To work directly with a tutor, you can choose from the various academic disciplines within the tutoring center, and from there drill down into more subject-specific areas. For example, a learner who is interested in tutoring regarding programming languages or software development might select the Computers & Technology discipline, and find subjects such as Python, C++, or tutoring related to Microsoft Office products.

Once you have identified the desired subject you need assistance with, you can submit questions by email, drop into a live tutoring session, or schedule a future one-on-one tutoring appointment. 

You have the added advantage of reviewing past tutoring sessions as well, in case you need a quick refresher on information covered by one of the tutors. 

If you are seeking self-guided resources to improve your academic performance there are a number of study aids available in the tutoring center as well. You can browse the available subjects and explore videos and study resources to support your classwork. 

Students are provided 600 tutoring minutes free of charge. Please note that each service used may utilize a different quantity of minutes. To check your available minutes, please go to Smarthinking and click “Manage My Account.” You can always request additional minutes through your Student Success Counselor.

Should you have any questions related to course content or assignments, we encourage you to reach out to your instructor for clarification and utilize the free tutoring services when you need a little extra help with course topics and concepts.