Student Financial Services Alpha Split (Advisor)

Student Financial Services Alpha Split

Student Finance Specialists - Financial Aid for New/Continuing Students

Please send all students to (855) 212-6700 or have them email 

Arianna Buckalew


Rachel Garza

Cm - Go

Temika Swinton Gr - K

Milaan (Mila) Harrison

L - N

Dionne Laidlaw

O -  Sh

Melissa Vuletich

Si - Z

Supervisor: Janine Smith 

Financial Aid Specialist (Packagers)

Packaging requests or adjustment questions, FAFSA/ISIR & verification related questions can be directed to Packagers.

Questions regarding Certificate and Executive track students, Scholarships should be directed to Senior Packagers. Private and Institutional loans can be directed towards James King.


Alan Jones A - Dg

Amanda Elliott


James King (Book Voucher Contact)


 Bethanie Gellerman   Mo-Sk
 Kim Cohoon    Sl - Z

Certificate Students


James King   A-Le
Kim Cohoon   Lf-Z

Supervisor: Sarah Lukas

Student Accounts: Tuition Deferment/Self Pay/Reciprocal/Employees

Please have all students email

Tiara Ayers

all CSU- Student Privilege, Direct Enroll, Employee, Employer Reimbursement, and Third Party Payment financing options

  Venessa Gietl Self-pay or Self Paid students with last name starting with A-L
  Sheri Myles  Self-pay or Self Paid students with last name starting with M-Z

Mary Muro

Employees, TAA, CSU Study Privilege

Supervisor: Andrew Zimmerman

Military Benefits

Please have students email

Binh Nguyen

Student-facing contact

John Johnson

VA Benefits

Jessica Roeger (Team Lead)

Military Benefits, TA, VR&E Benefits

Supervisor:  All questions should be directed to Jessice Roeger. Additional escalations can be directed to Ryan Grodman if necessary.

Cash Management

For R2T4 Reviews, please submit a CNS activity: CM-Account Review (CMREV) and assign to Andrew Zimmerman. Please include your name in the comments section and Andrew and his team will then email you the chart.