What is a SSA exam like?

What is a SSA exam like?

Keep in mind there are two major components to the SSA: an essay and a proctored final exam. Below you will find more information about the structure of both parts.

The Essay 

The SSA essay is embedded within the SSA course shell. It can be attempted at any time during your enrollment in the SSA and is comprehensive. The essay is timed, 60 minutes, and consists of 5 questions. There is no word count expectation, but you should be able to respond to each in 100-300 words.  The essay counts toward 15% of your overall SSA grade.

The Exam

The exam is proctored (via webcam) and must be scheduled through Examity after you have paid and completed the other graded portions (pre-test, practice questions, and essay). You have 120 minutes to complete the exam, which will consist of approximately 100 multiple choice questions. 

Please note that SSA exams are not open-book/open-note tests. These tests are monitored via webcam (which you are required to provide) and a virtual proctor. CSU-Global offers study materials and highly encourages you to acquire the suggested textbook to help understand the content and, in turn, improve your performance on the exam.

Take a look at How do I register for a SSA? if you want to get started.