What is the difference between a Certificate and Certificate of Completion

What is the difference between a Certificate and Continuing Education?

A certificate is a stand-alone program that showcases your proficiency in a specific subject. Certificate programs consist typically of 4 courses for graduate students and 6 courses for undergraduate students. When you complete a certificate program, it will be reflected on your official transcripts as the certificate is conferred.  Since this is an official program, you are required to meet admission requirements and you may be able to use Financial Aid to cover the cost of your certificate courses. 

Certificate of Completion is a set of courses (typically 4 courses for graduate level and 5 courses for undergraduate level) that CSU Global has put together to help you advance your professional development. Once finished with these courses, you can request a printed copy of your Certificate of Completion, or a transcript showing you've taken these courses. 

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Please speak with your Student Success Counselor about Certificates of Completion. 

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