What is the process to complete my SSA?

During the Spring 2019 trimester, the Self Study Assessment process has gone through some updates.  Students who registered for an SSA course prior to June 10, 2019 will notice some significant changes to this process.  

How will the new SSA term work?

  • SSAs begin monthly and are aligned with the A, B, C or D terms during each of our three trimesters.  To view eligible term starts, click Here.
    • Note: Students can begin an SSA course on any of the above terms, regardless of your Gold or Burgundy track assignment.
  • IMPORTANT: Students will have two weeks from the start of the SSA term to drop the course without financial responsibility.
    • Students who drop the SSA course during the first 14 days will not be charged; students will be responsible for full charges after this.
  • Students will have 16 weeks from the term start date to complete the SSA.

How will I be charged, and where do I pay for my SSA course ? 

  • SSA fees will be automatically charged to the student ledger card, which can be found by going to the My Account and Financial Aid tab, followed by Pay My Tuition.
  • Payment:
    • Students must pay at least 50% prior to the drop deadline to remain enrolled in the SSA course; non-payment will result in being removed from the course. 
    • Financial Aid Students: Students will not be able to use Financial Aid to cover the cost of their SSA courses. That said, students are able to use any financial aid refunds they receive to cover the cost of the SSA. 

What do I do when I am ready to schedule my exam? 

How does the grading work for my SSA?

  • Grades will be determined based on work completed by the end of the 16 weeks.  This includes: 
    • Practice questions
    • Pre-Test
    • Essay
    • Final Exam (if attempted twice, the most recent attempt will count toward the overall score)
  • Students who receive an overall score of 70% or above will earn an "S" grade; scores below 70% will earn a "U" grade.
  • IMPORTANT: Students are eligible to attempt the final multiple choice exam twice during the 16-week SSA period.  Both attempts must be completed within this timeline. Written essays only have one attempt which must be completed within the 16 week timeline.
  • IMPORTANT: SSA’s cannot be retaken. Students who don’t pass will need to take the full course