Are there any 1 or 2 credit-hour courses?

Yes, we have several 1 credit hour and 2 credit hour undergraduate course options. The course numbers and titles are listed below, please see the academic catalog for course descriptions (Academic Catalog button at the bottom of main page of the Student Portal). 

Please note: The following list does not include our 1 credit hour science labs:

4 week long 1 credit hour courses: 

  • LIB300: Research in the Information Age**
  • ORG304: Leading Authentically**
  • ORG307: Communicating Relationships in Negotiating**

**Final grades for 4 week courses won't post until the end of the 8 week term

8 week long 2 credit hour course:

  • ORG306: Human Resource Development: Professional and Career Management

**There are no 1 or 2 credit-hour courses at the graduate level.