How can I request an Incomplete?

An Incomplete can allow you to complete Critical Thinking and Mastery Exercises from weeks 6-8 up to 30 days after a course has ended. You must contact your instructor to request an Incomplete no later than the Tuesday of the last week of class.  It is highly recommended you contact your instructor before that date and not wait until the last minute. 

There are a few things to remember when requesting an Incomplete.

1. An Incomplete can only be granted for work from weeks 6-8, including the portfolio. This means that all other work that falls outside the late policy will not be considered for an Incomplete. Discussion boards will also not be considered for an Incomplete. 

2. You must have the potential to earn a passing grade when requesting an Incomplete.

3. An Incomplete can extend up to 4 weeks after the course has ended.  This is determined by the agreement made between instructor and student requesting the incomplete.

4. All incomplete requests must be made before the Tuesday before the course ends and must be made to the instructor of the course.  See where can I find my Instructor's contact information? to see how you can contact the instructor.

5. Incomplete requests must be approved by the Instructor. If approved, your instructor will send you an Incomplete Grade Contract that you will need to sign and send back to them. 

Please contact your advisor if you have any additional questions regarding the Incomplete Grade process.