What is the difference between a term and a trimester?

There are 3 trimesters in a calendar year at CSU-Global: fall trimester, winter trimester, and spring trimester. Each trimester is divided into 3 terms: 2 main terms and an overlapping term. 

  • Trimester - 16 weeks long, and includes three available terms for registration (2 main terms and an overlapping term)
  • Term - 8 weeks long and is when students take individual courses

You are allowed to take classes in all 3 terms during the trimester or can choose to take classes in only one term during the trimester. Most often, students take classes in the main terms and skip the overlapping term. 

An academic year at CSU-Global is defined as 2 consecutive trimesters (i.e. fall and winter trimesters, winter and spring trimesters, or spring and fall trimesters). 

Please see your respective academic calendar below for specific start dates. 

Burgundy Calendar 17-18.pdf

Gold Calendar 17-18.pdf