What is a Book Voucher?

If you are utilizing federal financial aid, book vouchers allow you to order textbooks before the start of the term using a portion of scheduled financial aid for the term. Students that have accepted financial aid on file automatically receive a book voucher 10 days in advance of a term, if registered for courses. Book vouchers are sent to students CSU-Global email address.  

Use of the book voucher is optional. You do not need to use a book voucher if you don't want to. 

If you use the book voucher, the book charges will be added to your account balance for the term. Any financial aid disbursements for a term will be applied to all tuition and book charges first, before any stipend/refund is processed. 

The book voucher is not additional aid, but allocates a portion of the aid you have scheduled to be used toward books. Book vouchers can only be used to purchase books through the CSU-Global bookstore (Akademos). A CSU-Global book voucher will not be accepted by third party organizations, such as JB Learning, for necessary lab access or applicable textbooks.