When can I drop a class?

When can I drop a class?

You are able to unregister (drop) a course, without being charged the cost of tuition, up until the term drop deadline.  The drop deadline will always be the Monday of week 2 in the course. Please review Academic Calendar to confirm all important deadlines.

You can easily unregister (drop) a course in your student portal:

  • From your portal home page, click on Degree Progress Details

  • You will see a list of your courses and next to a "scheduled" course, you will see a link to click to "Unregister".  Clicking this link will open a box to confirm you want to unregister/drop the course.

  • If the drop deadline has passed, there will not be a link to unregister/drop from the class.

After the drop date, there is a window of time in which you are able to withdraw from a course, which removes you from the class but you will be financially responsible for tuition charges.

The Academic Calendar will provide you with specific drop and withdraw deadlines for each term.