Course Withdrawal

Sometimes work, unexpected difficulties or other issues can arise in your life.  When these things occur, a course withdrawal may be possible. It is always suggested that you first examine other options, such as utilizing the late policy , speaking with your instructor, or reviewing other resources before considering a withdrawal.

After the drop deadline has passed (after week 1 of the term), you may withdraw from a course until Monday of week 6 of the term.  You should always contact your Student Advisor before withdrawing from a course to discuss how this will impact your finance option and graduation date.

The following things should be kept in mind while considering whether withdrawing is the best option:

  • A course withdrawal will result in a "W" grade.  "W" grades do not count toward Grade Point Average (GPA) and will reflect as a "W" on official transcripts.
  • A withdrawal is considered not completing a course.  Generally, this means you will need to retake the course for completion later. This will also affect the completion rate for SAP and Provisional Students
  • Tuition and fees will not be adjusted for a withdrawal
  • If you are using federal financial aid, a "W" can affect funds that have been received or have yet to be disbursed, which means that your financial aid may be returned. See Return of Title IV

If, after speaking to your Advisor, a withdrawal is found to be the best option, you must complete the withdrawal process through your student portal:

  1. Log into your portal
  2. Assure you are on "Academics/Schedule" page and the "Current Courses" tab
  3. Click on the red "withdraw" button to the right of the course name

Note: Students who fail to post regular attendance will be withdrawn from a course after 21 days of non-attendance, receive a "WA" grade and be subject to all consequences of a regular withdrawal. See the Attendance Policy  for more information.