Instructor Issues

While most instructor/student interactions are professional and mutually beneficial at CSU Global, there are times when they may not go as smoothly as one would like. This is often the result of a misunderstanding via written communication (emails, responses to Discussion Posts, comments on other graded submissions). If you are frustrated with a written interaction with your instructor, the best course of action is to try to discuss your concerns over the phone or through a video conference (Zoom). Instructors provide contact information in every class - typically in the  "Announcements" section of your class (please see the first announcement for the course). You will likely have more success in contacting them if you schedule an appointment.  It is recommended that you email your instructor with a few options on days and times.    

If your concerns continue to be unresolved after speaking with your instructor, please reach out to your student success counselor so they can be brought up to speed with the situation and provide direction with the matter. You may be asked to forward any written communication you've had with your instructor at this time. Depending on the situation, an escalation of the matter may be appropriate, but it is always the goal of CSU Global to try other means first.  

In addition, if you reached out to your instructor via phone and email and have not heard back within 48 business hours (excluding weekends), please reach out to your student success counselor for assistance.