CSU-Global is partnered with TeacherReady (http://www.teacherready.org/), an accredited online alternative licensure program, so you can earn your K-12 teacher license while you earn your master’s degree from CSU-Global. While most of our students in the TeacherReady program choose to earn their M.S. in Teaching and Learning, you can combine TeacherReady with any CSU-Global master’s degree program. TeacherReady replaces the specialization requirement for your master’s degree, so be sure to obtain a transcript from TeacherReady after completing their courses.

TeacherReady is part of the University of West Florida’s Professional Education Unit and is accredited by the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). After completing your courses and any required testing, you will have a teaching license from the State of Florida (which may need to be transferred to the state where you live). In your online courses through TeacherReady, you’ll learn the latest teaching techniques and theory. The program will also place you with a mentor teacher in your area who will guide you through field experiences and classroom teaching. You’ll be able to integrate the knowledge you gain from online courses with direct experience teaching K-12 students.

TeacherReady Contact Information:

TeacherReady Admissions Requirements

Separate applications are required for both CSU-Global and TeacherReady as each program has its own admissions requirements. CSU-Global strongly recommends that students apply to TeacherReady before beginning their graduate coursework to ensure they understand and meet the teaching requirements. TeacherReady’s basic requirements for admission are:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • A 2.50 undergraduate GPA in your bachelor’s degree program
  • A background clear of any felonies

Contact TeacherReady directly at http://www.teacherready.org for their enrollment application and a full list of its admission requirements.