University Communication and FERPA

As a student your record is protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, better known as FERPA. Only you will be able to access private academic and financial information such as grades, tuition payments, course schedule and more. You may also choose to grant access to your academic and/or financial information if needed by completing the Student Records Release Consent form found under the My Documents tile on your portal home page. 

To help maintain your privacy you will also be provided with a CSU Global email address. CSU Global will use this account for all official communications and will not release protected information to your personal email address, so it is important that you check this account regularly. 

In addition to your school email you will be given a unique six digit Student ID. We recommend you memorize this number as it will be used to authenticate your identity each time you speak with a CSU Global staff member. Don’t worry if you forget it though. You can always find this number in your Student Portal by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner. 

For more information or questions, please contact your student success counselor.