Failing a Course

How do I retake a course?

If you do not receive a passing grade or you withdraw from your course, you may repeat the course one (1) time (tuition rates apply).

  • Only the grade and credit for the most recent attempt will be used in calculating your total hours earned and total cumulative grade point average. The original graded attempt and any subsequent failed attempts will still be listed on your official transcript
  • Undergraduate students are discouraged from repeating courses in which a grade of C or higher has been earned
  • Graduate students may be required to repeat a course in which a grade of C was earned to maintain a 3.00 cumulative grade point average and/or meet institutional degree requirements (Graduate students cannot receive more than 2 C's during the course of their program)
  • Failure to successfully complete a course during any repeat attempt may jeopardize graduation as course substitutions will not be made for required courses, and you may not be granted approval for additional retakes of the course

If you are required to repeat a course for a third time, you must submit a Course Repeat Exception Request Form (tuition rates apply if approved). As of Fall 2017, courses in which a grade of "W" is awarded will count as a course attempt for course repeat and completion rate purposes.

  • Students are expected to be in good standing or making adequate progress toward a return to good standing in order to be considered for approval. Additional attempts will need to be formally appealed to the Provost, please contact your advisor regarding a fourth attempt.

Financial Aid Students: Students who have previously received a passing grade in a course will only be eligible to receive financial aid funds for one repeat per course.

  • For financial aid purposes, grades of D or higher are considered passing.
  • Financial aid students should contact their advisor for more information.

All transcripts contain appropriate indications that the course has been repeated and the grade point average has been recomputed.