How do I change registration tracks?

You are allowed to change from the Gold or Burgundy track once during your time at CSU Global.  The first step would to contact your success counselor so they can upload the Registration Track Switch Request Form.

While CSU Global does allow you to request the change, there are a few things to be aware of with registration tracks:

  1.  When switching from one track to another, you must wait until the trimester is over and all final grades have posted.  This will allow us to calculate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  at the end of each trimester.  You cannot be active in a course when SAP is run. This means that if you have taken a course in the current trimester you will not be able to change your registration track due to the timing of grades posting and the time needed to run SAP. 
    •  If you have been out of courses during the most recent trimester and had SAP run previously (when a prior trimester ended) you may be eligible to change your registration track, however you will want to also check on #2 below. 
  2.  If you are a student utilizing Federal Financial Aid and are in an open loan period (have FA scheduled in the current, or upcoming trimester) you will not be eligible to change your registration track. 
  3. If a track change request is granted you will not be allowed to switch back to the initial track at a later date.