Academic Calendar

At CSU Global, we use a trimester calendar instead of semesters and there are three 16-week trimesters in a full academic year -- for fall, winter, and spring.


There's a one-week break between trimesters and an additional one-week break in the winter trimester for holidays. Within each trimester, there are three terms, and these are the terms available to you to take courses. Two of the terms will run back to back, and one of the terms will overlap. This third term is available for students who want to take additional courses in each trimester.


The Burgundy calendar consists of terms A, B, and C, and the Gold calendar consists of terms B, C and D.


Your specific calendar, Burgundy or Gold, will determine what terms you can take courses in. Students who start their first course in an A or C  term are assigned to the Burgundy Track. Students who start in a B or D term will be assigned the Gold Track. Be sure to check your start date to make sure you download the right calendar for your track.  In addition to information about term start dates, there is also valuable information about all the important dates within each term. This includes not only start dates and end dates, but also, registration deadlines, the last day to un-register for a full refund in your courses, the approximate date of your financial aid disbursement, and the last day for you to withdraw and still receive a grade of "W" in your courses.


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