Academic Calendar

The CSU-Global academic calendar consists of 12 eight-week terms, split into three trimesters (Fall, Winter, and Spring) of four terms each. A student is placed into one of two registration tracks (Burgundy and Gold) based on their initial enrollment. For financial aid purposes, the academic year is defined as two consecutive trimesters.

Registration Tracks (Burgundy and Gold)

There are up to three (3) terms available for students in each trimester and nine (9) terms within the year. Students in the Burgundy track can take classes in any term except the "D" term in each trimester. Students in the Gold track can take classes in any term except the "A" term of each trimester. Due to federal requirements for monitoring Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), registration track switches are generally not permitted.

The academic calendar is provided in the catalog. In case of unforeseen changes, students should refer to the Academic Calendar posted in the Student Portal for current information regarding calendar updates and upcoming term starts.

Course Registration

Course registration opens approximately 60 days prior to the start of the term. Continuing students may be able to self-register prior to this time through the Student Portal.

Course registration closes the Friday prior to the start of the term. Please contact your student advisor for any late registration requests.

Courses open for registered students at least 48 hours prior to the term start date, but students are required to verify attendance after the official term start on Monday during the first week of any class. 

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