Setting up a BankMobile Vibe account

In order to set up a Bank Mobile account, and receive any refunds, you need to have a "personal code", which should arrive in a green envelope to your home address. If you have not received (or misplaced) your green envelope, you may contact your student financial aid advisor, who can create a temporary personal code for you, or you can go to and click on the "need a code" button. 

**Please note, your financial aid advisor will need to verify your identity over the phone before sending the new code. 

Once you obtain your code, you can visit the Bank Mobile website to begin setting up your account: 

Once at the Bank Mobile page, click on Get Started on the top left > Let's Get Started > enter your Personal Code > Continue. You will be guided through the process of setting up your online account and choosing your refund preference. 

Students are able to choose any of the following refund preferences:

  • OneAccount - This option establishes a separate checking account with BankMobile. This option allows for funds to be available the day they are received by the bank. Bank fees do apply, see the BankMobile site for more details.
  • Deposit into another account - With this option, any refunds are transferred into your existing bank account and can take 2-3 days to process after BankMobile receives the funds from the university.
  • Paper check via US Mail - This option allows for BankMobile to issue you a paper check to be mailed out within 5-7 days of receiving funds from the University. 
    • **Please note: the check will take additional time to arrive depending on where it needs to be mailed. 

Be sure to visit  for more information on your refund preference choices.

BankMobile Opt-Out

Students do have the option to opt-out of using BankMobile, and will need to contact their Financial Aid Advisor about the steps to take.