NDS Students Using Military Benefits

If you are a student in a non-degree seeking status and using military VA benefits, there is important information you should know about your benefit eligibility.

Basic NDS Eligibility:

In regards to VA benefits and NDS – the only circumstance in which we can certify them (Undergrad OR Grad) is if they are pursuing a degree at another institution and the credits will be transferring over to them.  They provide what is called a Parent Letter from the other institution confirming that the courses they are taking will transfer in and are required for the degree program. If they are using Voc Rehab benefits, rather than a parent letter, the Voc Rehab counselor approves these courses and will send us a 28-1905/Tungsten PO allowing for invoicing of the courses.  The admissions office has dealt with these circumstances, so if they arise and fit into the above situation, it may just be a matter of letting them know that to allow the admissions process to continue.

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