NDS Students Using Military Benefits

If you are a student in a non-degree seeking status and using military VA benefits, there is important information you should know about your benefit eligibility.

Basic NDS Eligibility:

In order to utilize VA benefits in an NDS status, you must be considered a true freshmen or sophomore, meaning you have completed less than 60 credit hours. If you have previously earned a degree, or are taking one course to fulfill program requirements at another school, you are not eligible to receive VA benefits. 


If you are eligible to utilize VA benefits as an NDS student (see above), you are only eligible to take general education courses. It is important that you have any and all previous transcripts on file so we can help ensure you do not take any duplicate coursework.

Time Limits:

You can utilize VA benefits while in an NDS status for a total of three (3) trimesters before you must enroll in a degree-seeking program. Your student advisor can help you transition from an NDS to a degree-seeking status when you meet the requirements for full admission.

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