Can I withdraw or fail in provisional status?

Both withdrawing or failing while you are in a provisional status can have a negative effect. You need to maintain both your GPA and completion rate (credits passed/credits attempted) during this time to meet provisional requirements.

If you are an undergraduate student, 12 credits is considered full time so you have more opportunities to make up the withdrawal or failed course, but it can still have a negative impact on your status. 

If you are a graduate student it is very difficult to meet your provisional requirements if you fail or withdraw because full time status is only 6 credits a trimester. This gives you less opportunity to get back on track academically before your status is reviewed. 

  • Students must maintain a 66.66% Completion Rate (Credits attempted / Credits earned)
  • Students must maintain either a 2.0 GPA (Undergraduate) or 3.0 GPA (Graduate)

These standards will be reviewed at the end of your second trimester for full admission. 

You should reach out to your Success Counselor as soon as possible if you feel you may fail or may need to withdraw to discuss resources and options.