How to Use Employer Reimbursement - Tuition Reimbursement vs 3rd Party Direct Billing

Employer Reimbursement Types: Tuition Reimbursement vs 3rd Party Direct Billing

The difference between Tuition Reimbursement and 3rd Party Direct Billing is in who makes the payment(s) to CSU-Global.

The most common form of Employer Reimbursement is Tuition Reimbursement. When you use this option, your employer will pay you directly for the class you completed and then you will be responsible for using those funds to pay CSU-Global. Your employer may need to see your final course grade or require a invoice. Please see below for how to obtain an invoice.

Though rare, some companies offer Direct Bill instead, which allows CSU-Global to send your company an invoice and then receive direct payment from them as well (taking you out of the middle). 

With either option, you are still responsible for any unpaid tuition charges so it's important to know the documentation needed and payment due dates:

Employer Reimbursement Documentation
  • Both Tuition Reimbursement and Direct Bill students are required to complete the Tuition Deferment Agreement form. This form can be located in the Document Center of your Student portal after requesting it from your Student Advisor. 
  • Direct Bill students must also submit a Letter of Credit (LOC) to the Student Accounts department every term in which you want to use this benefit. LOC's must be obtained directly from your HR Department
Payment Due Dates

If you are using Tuition Reimbursement or Direct Bill then your balance due date will be deferred for 30 days past the end of the term, at which point it is your responsibility to cover all unpaid balances on your account. 

Obtaining Your Invoice
To access your invoice, click on "My Account & Financial Aid" in your Student Portal. Then click on "Student Invoice" in the blue menu items. From there, you will be able to select the desired term and save your invoice.

Obtaining Your Final Course Grade
There are multiple ways to view your final course grades. Please work with your employer to ensure you select a method that is acceptable to them. Options include:

  1. View final course grade on your invoice. If the invoice is obtained after the course has ended and final grades have been posted, the grade will show there. 
  2. Obtain a copy of your unofficial transcript by selecting "View Unofficial Transcripts" from the homepage of your Student Portal. 
  3. View your final course grades by selecting "Previous Courses" under "My Class Schedule" from the homepage of your Student Portal. If desired you may screenshot or print this view using your internet browser.

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