Freshman Student Policies

Freshman Student Policies

If you are enrolled at CSU-Global and are considered a Freshman student, you can expect the following restrictions on your enrollment until you have completed 24 or more credits:

  • You will only be able to take three credits per term during your first trimester
  • You are required to complete the following four courses, in order, before enrolling in other courses:
    • ORG100: Navigating Organizations and Change
    • ENG101: Composition I
    • HUM101: Critical Reasoning
    • ENG102: Composition II
  • You cannot take more than 12 credits per trimester
  • You cannot register in overlapping terms
  • Upon successful completion of the above four courses, students in Freshman status may enroll in one upper-division major course per term

Note: Freshman students admitted before Winter 2018 cannot take upper division courses while in Freshman status

  • You will have a registration hold on your account so you'll need to work directly with your Student Advisor to schedule your courses

Reaching Sophomore Status

To reach Sophomore status, you must achieve 24 or more credits through one of the following methods:

  • CSU-Global coursework with a grade of “C” or higher
  • Competency Based Exams or Prior Learning Assessments with a grade of “S”

Note: Prior Learning Assessment is only available once you have successfully completed six credits with CSU-Global

  • External transfer such as CLEP/DSST, ACE approved credit, or credit completed at other institutions with a “C” or higher