How to Request Professional Certificates & Credentials

This article is to help guide students on how to request their professional certificates or gather necessary information so CSU-Global can verify the certificate for review and potential transfer credit. All certificate information, verification or transcripts MUST be sent directly to admissions@csuglobal.eduAny verification  item, document or transcript sent to the student or gathered by the student and then forwarded to CSU-Global will not be accepted as official.  CSU-Global will not accept photos, pdf's, copies or print outs of certificates or credentials. 

CSU-Global will review certificates, credentials, trainings and courses that have an ACE or NCCRS approval and recommendation for credit. Please note transfer of credit or recommended credit amount is not guaranteed. For certificates, credentials, trainings and courses that do not carry an ACE or NCCRS approved recommendation, or are not pre-approved by CSU-Global, credit will not be reviewed or transferred in. In these situations, students are encouraged to have their training or issuing organization work with ACE for a comprehensive review or contact CSU-Global for an organizational review of your organizations training and credentialing programs. Organizations may contact CSU-Global for a review at

Students can review the Alternative & Professional Credit Guide and the CSU-Global Catalog for accepted certifications. 

CompTIA Certificates: Students need to send each certificate verification number to CSU-Global admissions for review and verification through CompTIA pro metrics. 

ACE Approved Certificates & Training Programs: Students may present any ACE approved certificate or training program for review and will need to request an ACE transcript be sent to CSU-Global Admissions. Student may create an account with ACE, find and add their courses/certificates to their account and await verification and approval by the issuing organization to ACE. If approved, ACE will notify the student allowing them to request their transcript be sent. Students may use the below link to create, find and request transcripts of their ACE approved courses/certificates.

CISCO Certificates: Students who have CISCO certifications from CISCO may access their account and request/provide access to CSU-Global Admissions to verify their certifications. Students may use the below link to access their account.

ISC Certification (CISSP, CCSP etc..):Students with ISC certifications can provide CSU Global admissions with their first and last name and Certification/Designation Numbers for proof and verification of their certificates. 

IASSC (Six Sigma) Certifications: Students with  these certifications will need to provide CSU Global Admissions with the following information. Full first & last name. Certificate Level. Certificate Number & Date. 

Microsoft Certifications: Students who have Microsoft Certifications can provide CSU Global Admissions with their MCP Transcript ID and Access Code. 

Project Management Institute: Students with certifications from PMI may provide CSU Global Admissions with their first & last name, Country and Credential. CSU-Global Admissions can then verify this information directly with PMI's Online Credential Registry.

EC-Council: Students with earned certifications will need to provide CSU Global Admissions with their certification number for verification through Aspen Beta as well as an official transcript from Aspen indicating the date earned.

Colorado POST: Student will need to provide CSU Global Admissions with their last name and PID number for use in Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Portal. Officers who do not know their PID number the Colorado POST department for directly for assistance. 

 California POST: Students will need to request a a mailed copy be sent directly to CSU Global Admissions or provide means to securely verify their credential.

Arizona POST: Students will need to request their POST record be emailed to CSU Global Admissions OR mailed to CSU Global Admissions. 

Texas and Illinois POST: Students will need to provide a letter to CSU-Global Admissions directly from their training agency verifying the students POST credentials.