Faculty Notification Letters and Using Accommodations Each Term

Faculty Notification Letters are the form you will use to notify faculty of approved academic accommodations. You must request a Faculty Notification Letter(s) for each term and course you would like to use your accommodations by emailing ada@csuglobal.edu. Disability and Accessibility Services will prepare the letter(s) and email them back to you within 1-2 business days. 

Once you have access to your course(s), you will send the letter(s) to your faculty to notify them of your accommodations. Once your faculty receives the Faculty Notification Letter, they are expected to honor and apply the accommodations - if you ever experience otherwise, please reach out to Disability and Accessibility Services immediately for assistance.

Accommodations are not retroactive, so we recommend sending your Faculty Notification Letter(s) to your faculty at the start of each term. However, you are able to request and send the Faculty Notification Letter at any point in time during the term.

Accommodations for texts in alternate formats, and accessible audio and video materials can take about 2-4 weeks to complete, sometimes longer. If you are approved for any of these accommodations, we recommend you reach out to Disability and Accessibility Services at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the term to notify our office of your course registration. This will help us ensure we have enough time to complete any accommodation requests prior to the start of the term.