Accessing Past RedShelf eBooks

Some classes will use the same RedShelf ebook title. In these cases, students can save money by taking these classes in sequential terms. If you are taking a course that uses a RedShelf ebook that you already have access to, follow the below instructions to avoid being charged again. 

If you only need access to a previous course's eBook, follow steps 2 and 3 from any course that has the Course eBook link.

  1. Opt-out of the new course using that is using the same RedShelf eBook
  2. Through your current course, you will still use the Course eBook link in the course navigation menu; this may take you to a message indicating they don’t have access in your current class, or that you have opted-out
  3. In the upper right corner of that window, they will see the below image. Click on your name and select My Shelf. 


This will take you to all of ebooks that still have valid licenses; most are good for 180 days, while some provide lifetime access