Academic Catalog

The Online Academic Catalog contains information about CSU Global's programs and degrees, current course offerings, and university policies and procedures. The current catalog is always available to review and download on the CSU Global website. However, remember that you will be assigned a specific academic catalog based on the trimester you enroll and start courses in.

It's recommended that you save your assigned academic catalog so that you always have easy access to your specific program requirements.

To access the most recent academic catalog, click here. Here you will find detailed information on all of CSU Global's school policies, including student rights, academic expectations, enrollment status, credit and grading system, academic progress, financial services, financial aid, student payment, communication and privacy, technology, and institutional accessibility. You also have the option to download a PDF version on the bottom of the page.

Be sure to read through the program and individual course descriptions and don’t hesitate to reach out to your student success counselor if you have any questions.