Financial Aid (Portal)

You are able to view your financial aid awards in your Student Portal under the "My Account and Financial Aid" tab > "Financial Aid."  From this section, you can see any future financial aid awards and a breakdown of how those awards are scheduled to disburse over the course of the academic year/loan period

Note: Once your disbursement of financial aid arrives, it will disappear from this list

How to get to the Financial Aid information page:

We recommend that you always read through all the information about financial aid as it discusses how to apply, how to view your student loan history, how disbursements work, and how refunds are processed as well as other important information.

Viewing Financial Aid Awards

Each funding source is separated out and divided across the available terms in that academic year or loan period. A total amount for each is listed below the fund source. 

If you have not yet accepted aid, you will be able to select your aid amount and then click on the Accept button to be awarded.

  • You can change the total amount for each fund source. The default amount will be the maximum you can accept for that Academic year (which may exceed what you need to cover tuition), but you can lower it to the desired amount, which will be evenly distributed across the listed terms
  • You can leave funds in an estimated status and accept at a later date
  • If you wish to cancel any awarded aid, you can enter or "accept" $0, which will automatically cancel the award