What is the attendance policy?

Just like at a traditional campus, you are expected to attend courses regularly. CSU-Global monitors attendance throughout every course to ensure active engagement.  

What counts as attendance?

For attendance to count, you must submit something to the grade-book, you can't just log into the class. For example, you can submit Critical Thinking assignments, Discussion Boards, or complete Mastery Exercises (if completed within Canvas) to post attendance in a course. In general, you should be actively participating at least once a week in each course.

Consequences of Non-Participation?

Several consequences can occur if you fail to actively participate in a course.

  1. If you do not participate in the first seven (7) days of a course, you will be administratively unregistered from that course and have your tuition charges refunded
  2. Financial aid disbursements are triggered by attendance. Attending class in weeks 1 and 2 will ensure a timely disbursement of financial aid. Failure to participate will cause a delay in disbursements and refunds/stipends
  3. After 21 consecutive days of non-attendance, you will be administratively withdrawn from the course and be responsible for all related tuition charges. A grade of WA will show on transcripts and may impact your ability to receive latin honors. See Course Withdrawal for more information on other consequences of a withdrawal.