Student Policies and Appeals

University policies are an important part of being a student. Though you may not need to know every policy, it is important you know where to find this information. 


From the homepage of your Student Portal, scroll down and click on the University Policies tab. This is where you can view all the policies covering topics such academic performance, classroom behavior, attendance and more. 


While all the policies are important, one you should pay special attention to is the one on academic expectations, better known as Satisfactory Academic Progress, or SAP. 


SAP is a calculation run at the end of every trimester to determine if you are successfully meeting minimum standards in your coursework. These requirements include: cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), Course Completion Rate (CCR), and Maximum Time Frame (MTF). 


Students who are meeting these expectations at the end of the trimester are considered to be in Good Academic Standing, where students who fall below will progress into Warning, Probation or Suspension periods. It is important to understand these requirements and the impact of not meeting them. 


While CSU Global has a set of policies that are enforced, we also understand life events beyond your control may occur. In these situations students may seek an exception to some policies through the appeals process. To view the types of appeals available please visit the Appeal Center by clicking on the link in the left navigation menu of your Student Portal. 


Along the way, we want to make sure you have all the information, resources and support you need at your fingertips, and these sites can be a huge help! 


Remember though, you’re not alone! Your Student Success Counselor is standing by to support you and help answer any questions you have.