What will happen if I withdraw from my class?

Withdrawing from a class may have a negative impact on a student, and while we encourage you to explore all other options first, sometimes it does end up being the best choice.  Once you understand the possible consequences of withdrawal you will be able to make a fully informed choice after weighing all of your options. 

A few things to consider before withdrawing. Have you…

Talked to your instructor? Before deciding to withdraw, make sure you’ve reached out to your instructor and let him/her know what's going on, as they might have suggestions.

Reviewed the late policy? You might be able to make up more work than you think with little or no penalty.

Considered an Incomplete? If you are able to get caught up through week 5, you can request an incomplete grade in the class, which is basically an agreement between you and your instructor that allows you more time to complete the course work.

A few things to remember...

  • Failure to successfully complete a course can mean that you are not eligible for all your aid (including military, Pell grant, and student loans) you received for the trimester and can result in a significant balance due to the University or a third party (i.e. the VA).
  • Withdrawing from a course results in a permanent W on your transcript.  The course can be retaken but will not eliminate the W later.
  • Full tuition is charged for the class, meaning you paid for the course and will not be refunded and will get no credit for the work you completed.
  • Withdrawing from a course can affect your academic standing for SAP. While a W does not impact your GPA, it does factor in to your completion rate.

If you still feel withdrawing is your best or only option, the last day to withdraw is the Monday of the 6th week of class. Please reach out to both your Student Success Counselor  and your Financial Aid Advisor with any questions you have before withdrawing.